Legacy Discovery - Ramona, CA - 9-30-2022

09/30/2022 06:00 PM - 10/02/2022 05:00 PM PT


  • $450.00


The Sorbo Ranch
728 Creelman Lane
Ramona, CA 92065
United States of America





Legacy Discovery is based on the collective “Wisdom of the Men,” including your personal experience. It is a Journey of Discovery, about being a man in relationship with other men and deepening your connection with the men in your life.


What is available to you at Legacy Discovery?

Legacy Discovery is designed to put you in touch with what it is to be a man so that you can achieve your purpose in life and “become the man your legacy demands.”


What is available for you as a man?

  • Increasing your ability to connect with and trust other men.
  • Revealing to yourself what you are really committed to.
  • Discovering your purpose in life.
  • Experiencing the value of using the wisdom of a circle of men.
  • Leaving behind the part of your past that has held you back.
  • Connecting with the source of your power.
  • Learning how to communicate what you mean more clearly and take ownership of your opinions.
  • Becoming more aware of people and experience them more honestly.
  • Developing a stronger sense of the real relationship you have or had with your father or father figure.
  • Confronting habits that block you from creating the results you want in your life.
  • Learning to accept yourself, including the darker or ‘shadow side’ of your character.
  • Gaining a new and more effective awareness of the role women play in your life.


The Purpose of Legacy Discovery:

To connect YOU to YOUR masculine identity through the wisdom of Men, and with that power put your Legacy into action.



Some Details about the Legacy Discovery:

  • Legacy Discovery will be held on Friday, September 30, 2022, 6 PM to Sunday, October 3, at appoximately 2 PM.
  • Tuition is $450 will include hotel for both Friday and Saturday nights, and meals from Saturday breakfast through Sunday lunch.
  • While this is not a “retreat”, men will have the opportunity to sleep, eat and have fun.
  • A team of men will lead the event with similar experiences to yours. It will be short on lecture and prescriptive data or dogma and long on group experience, revealing what “works and what doesn’t” in being a man.
  • The weekend includes games, working as teams and individuals, physical, intellectual and emotional exercises; each designed to bring you closer to who you are as a man and how you relate to the world.
  • Legacy Discovery is based on the collective “wisdom of the Men,” including the participants.
  • Legacy Discovery is about being a man in relationship with other men, “tapping into the wisdom” of the men, which has been discovered over centuries, and getting men and masculine energy back into your life.
  • It is not a workshop or retreat, nor is it a grueling test of strength and endurance, but it will be a fun and challenging event for any man who is willing to confront what may be holding him back.
  • Any man over 18 years old may participate regardless of his physical condition.
  • You must be sponsored into this event by a graduate of this or similar initiations. Ask the man who gave you this flyer what he received from his participation in this life changing event.



When: Sept. 30, Oct. 1-2 2022 (Friday- Sunday)
Where: The Sorbo Ranch
             728 Creelman Lane
           Ramona, CA. 92065



Please contact the LD Registration Manager, Sandy Peisner at 858-922-5618 with any questions.